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Author Topic: John McAfee reassures investors: The bearish market is always followed by a grea  (Read 311 times)


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John McAfee made some positive comments about the falling markets, stating that investors should calm down, reassuring them that the situation will soon improve.

John McAfee is not always looking for trouble and controversy, at least not this time. The 73-year-old veteran chanted some comments about the current bearish market and gave some advice to new digital investors.

He suggested that investors relax a bit, as there is no reason to panic. He said in one of the tweets:

"I am 73 years old and I have seen such bearish moves dozens of times in many markets. They completely felt that the markets were downhill like winter. Will always be followed by a wonderful and prosperous spring "

According to his words, there are several reasons for the current decline in the market. Confusion and uncertainty are the most important reasons why traders are making moves that may have exacerbated the situation.

He is convinced that the forces pushing prices down will soon be burned. In the meantime, enjoy your time.

The digital currency market has been very fast in the past two weeks. The price of the product fell below $ 5000, the lowest level since the end of last year, reaching its highest level ever.

Most of the digital currencies have also seen a sharp rise in recent weeks, despite the recent positive trend of the market as mentioned only hours ago.

The latest event in the digital currency market, the HardFork of the cash-in-cash currency, was full of unnecessary dramas, leaving digital currency lovers perplexed and wondering about the basic concept of digital currency, decentralization.

However, as the saying goes: "This too must go away and pass" or at least take the advice of John McAfee has survived all of this hundreds of times and times