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Author Topic: Airdrop #13 Rules and Requirements  (Read 602 times)


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Airdrop #13 Rules and Requirements
« on: September 10, 2018, 11:21:58 AM »

Basic Rules

1. Bitcointalk Account Registered on or before July 25, 2018
2. Newbie Upto Legendary Account Accepted
3. Newbie account needs to have 100 STR Balance + 21 Activity Points
4. Twitter Account needs to have atleast 100 Followers - Dead Account will not be accepted
5. Distributions will be based on Bitcointalk Rank

Things to do
1. Discord Activity - Inactive Accounts will be skipped (Hi, Hello, Good Morning/Evening) is not considered as activity.
2. Copy Pasting Rules/Announcement is strictly prohibited to increase Activity Points.
3. Must Re-Tweet all Tweets By Staker Token for this Airdrop Week
4.  1 Original Tweet and must contain this hashtags ( #STR #AIRDROP #cryptocurrency #POS ) together with your Discord Invite Link
5. Wear the personal text of staker token on your bitcointalk profile
" - POS Smart Contract ETH Token "
6. Add Your ETH address in your Bitcointalk Profile (BTC,Location,Skype,Others Contact Info) Choose your fields.
7. Add your DISCORD Username on your Bitcointalk Profile YIM Fields

Important Mandatory Rule:

Everyone Must Register in our Official Staker Forum - No Forum Activity requirements

We have 70% HOLD Rule Requirements to qualify for the airdrop. Newcomers/new joiners for round #13 are exempted to this rule.

Optional Requirements for Extra Multiplier
Signature: Wear Staker Signature and get x2 stakes. ( Must post 10 quality post on any place Except - Local,Meta,Bounty,Economics,off topic,Religion)

Forum Activity: Making 10 post in our official Forum Except Marketing Task Threads will get 1.20x Airdrop Multiplier

Distribution Method: Bitcointalk Account Rank based Distributions.
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