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Author Topic: The price of etherium is rising 16% to $ 130  (Read 282 times)


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The price of etherium is rising 16% to $ 130
« on: December 23, 2018, 09:49:49 PM »

All the digital currencies appeared in green on Sunday morning, almost as if something was wrong. Especially since recently this scene has become unusual in this volatile sector. Regardless of what the overall momentum has shown throughout the week. For etherium, the push to overtake XRP in terms of market value seems to have a significant impact again.

The ETH was the best performer among the top 10 digital currencies. Where the currency that is in third place rose by about 16%, and is now priced at 130.20 dollars.

The price of etherium is rising 16% to $ 130

It is not clear where the rush came towards the end of the year, as the currency has seen some difficult times lately. Where a couple of projects associated with etherium had to retreat due to financial difficulties, and many predicted worse times in the future for the currency that lost its No. 2 position of the XRP a few months ago.

This recent move may be just a correction after a few consecutive weeks of relatively weak performance from ETH, which may now be supported by positive days in the digital currency market.

This increase after the $ 130 mark is the highest point that the etherium has reached in more than a month. More importantly, 24-hour trading was around $ 3.56 billion, the highest level of ETH since July.