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Author Topic: SSTAKER'S ROUND 15 AIRDROP STATISTICS  (Read 248 times)

AGXIII (CrypToExpress)

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« on: October 02, 2018, 03:41:50 AM »

Great day everyone! here we go again, today I’m going to share the Staker’s round 15 airdrop statistics based on my PERSONAL computation. September 30, 2018 at 3:20 PM in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the 15th airdrop round’s spreadsheet was released by Scatter one of the admins with 180 accepted participants. This week is 56 participants lower than last airdrop as graph stated below:

30,000 STR allocated funds to distribute in all accepted participants. All accepted participants will receive fair amount of stake according to Bitcointalk activity, however, for those who have participated add-on perks will receive + additional stake per category:

Wearing Personal Text = +50 Stakes on your bitcointalk account " - POS Smart Contract ETH Token "

Wearing Staker Signature in BCT Forum = Based on Rank

    Jr. Member: +50 Stakes
    Member: +100 Stakes
    F. Member: +200 Stakes
    Sr. Member: +300 Stakes
    Hero & Legendary +400 Stakes

Staker Forum Activity = +100 Stakes Register your account for this bonus:,303.0.html

I have presented a chart shows the percentage and how many STR have been distributed to every specific category. This time, a doughnut chart is also presented for signature user's statistics for we able to know the standing and how many people got additional stake for every airdrop.

    Newbie — 75 participants sharing 5,142.6878 STR
    Jr. member — 55 participants sharing 7,449.6291 STR
    Member -27 participants sharing 7,479.389 STR
    Full Member -13 participants sharing 4,323.7265 STR
    Sr. Member — 5 participants sharing 2,090.6119 STR
    Hero Member — 3 participants sharing 1,585.271 STR
    Legendary — 2 participants 1,924.6449 STR

Non-Signature Users: 150 participants
 Signature Users: 23 participants
 Non Compliance Sig. Users: 7 participants


The 16th Airdrop week of Staker is now live and will commence until 6th of October at 14:30 UTC. The cut –off time for entries will be 12 hours before the airdrop , for queries about the time everyone can refer in Staker Network’s Website countdown :
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