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Author Topic: Airdrop 19 Rules and Requirements  (Read 676 times)

AGXIII (CrypToExpress)

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Airdrop 19 Rules and Requirements
« on: October 22, 2018, 11:48:44 AM »

Airdrop 19 Rules

General Rules

No Bitcointalk Account Requirements
Twitter Account with atleast 50 Followers
Staker Forum Account

Things to do
1. Follow Staker Twitter Account
2. Must Re-Tweet all Tweets made by Staker token during the airdrop week
3. 10 Post requirements in our official forum
(Post made in local, Giveaway and offtopic are not counted)
(Spamming and Burst Posting will be strictly enforce)
4. Must register for the weekly airdrop
AD 19 Registration Thread:,664.0.html

Cutoff is Every Saturday 04:30 UTC

Signature: Wear Staker Signature and Get X2 Stakes

Whales Club: Join the Whales Club and Get more Benefits
To Join the Whales Club you need to hold a certain number of STR Tokens

2K STR Whales Club - 1.2x Multiplier (Closed new applicant)
5k STR Whales Club - 1.5X Multiplier
7.5K STR Whales Club - 1.75x Multiplier
10K STR Whales Club - 2x Multiplier
30K STR Whales Club - 2.5x Multiplier
50K STR Whales Club - 3x Multiplier

Distribution: EQUAL DISTRIBUTION 1 User = 1 Stake
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